Completed Projects


North Conway Community Center Landscaping
Wendy's first project as president of the Mountain Garden Club was to handle all the efforts made by the club members in this major landscaping project.

Trip to Phoenix
At the end of March, 2016, our wonderful son, Jim, took Wendy, Kelly and me to Arizona for four days where we visited all sorts of highlights ending at an Indy Car Race. Photos are here.

Flight with Brian Knight
In October 2015, Brian Knight flew up from Brainard Field in Hartford with Bob and Deb Haas as passengers. Wendy and I met them at the Eastern Slopes Airport in Freyburg and then Brian took us on a flight around Jackson. Photos are here.

Anniversary Party
Our 50th wedding anniversary was held on Labor Day weekend in 2015. We had 50 guests (including 8 children) - mostly friends from the Glastonbury era. It was a gorgeous early fall day. Photos are found here

Notes to Home
This was not a High Meadow Project. Rather it was our 2013 trip to the Alps. Wendy and I visited my sister, Ruth, in Montisi, Italy, then went on to climb the Alps in Sulden and Tiers, both in the Sud Tyrol. These are note that we sent to our children and to our friends that had planned to go with us. . Click here to view the Notes to Home.

The Hut
This project was started in 2007, but lay dormant until the boss hired Alex Franke of Alex’s Fine Woodworking to finish the job in early 2011. This ‘finished storage area’ above the garage can handle all 5 grandchildren who wish to experience the joy of staying in a hut without climbing a mountain to get there. Click here to view the construction process.

Jackson Public Library
This was a project, not at High Meadow, but a project which took a lot of our time. At the conclusion of the effort, Wendy was asked to put together a catalog of 20 pictures that would tell the story of the transformation of the old Trickey Barn to our new library. Click here to view the catalog. Photos acquired during the period from April 2008 through January 2010 are available here. Photos from February 2010 to the December 7 2010 ribbon cutting ceremony are found here. A geothermal heating and cooling system designed for the new library and that took a lot of our time and that of our son Doug. An economic analysis of such a system was published - click here to download a .pdf version of that document.

Ski Trips
Also not a construction project, but it seemed to take as much time and effort. A DVD of 300 slides from our 1998 – 2001 European ski trips was assembled using all the tricks of the trade. The slideshow is not available here (you can request a DVD) but the photos and area maps are here.

The Barn
Gestation period was four years. Contracted with L.A. Drew in 2007, completed in early Spring, 2008. View Photos

The Basement Stairway
This project involved replacing the plywood stairs with trimmed-out birch to match the flooring used upstairs. Solid maple shelving was installed on the landing to provide storage for cookbooks and Wendy's office material. Completed in Summer, 2005. View Photos

John's Office
This project featured a wall of built-in bookcases to house material for the Hopkin Thomas Genealogy Project as well as general office equipment. Also, the other walls were outfitted with custom birch wainscoting. The major activities were completed in 2002. Remaining related activities include the framing and hanging of family portraits and artifacts related to the genealogy project. View Photos

Grandy's Hangout
This project entailed finishing the second floor area that connects the Future Space with the Master Bedroom closet - it is an extension of the closet and used for primarily for storage of out-of-season clothing. The project was completed in the fall of 2004. View Photos

Also known as Lil' Dummy, this project involved construction of a powered lift to raise the wood for the Jotul wood stove located in the Great Room from the basement level. With approximately eight cords of wood being burned during the heating system, this installation is critical. The major activities involved creating a shaft, a car to ride in the shaft and a wire rope and pulley system powered by a boat winch to raise and lower the car. The upper terminus of the lift was constructed as a wood storage bin at the time of the house construction. The lower terminus was framed into the south all of John's Office.
This project was completed in 2001.


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