At a regularly called meeting of the Historical Committee of the Old Home Week Association, held in the parlors of the Phoenix Fire Co., November 29, 1918, James F. Lambert and Henry J. Reinhard were unanimously elected editors of a proposed History of Catasauqua, which it was resolved to publish.


At a meeting of the same Committee held in the Directors' Room of the High School Building, May 6, 1914, it was resolved that one thousand copies of the History be printed.


History is a written statement of what is known; an account of that which exists or has existed. The task of the historian lies in his search for authenticity. The editors of this volume addressed letters and series of questions to practically every industry and individual in Catasauqua, inquiring after definite data, in order that they might make the subject-matter authoritative. "Many men, many minds," is verified by the fact that more than once have they heard two persons of equal intelligence relate the same incident along such vastly different lines that it did not at all seem like the same incident. May the reader who will discover fancied inaccuracies be sure to balance well his own mind and recollect that there are other minds, both clear and strong, that see or recall the incident from a different angle.


Furthermore, the editors of this book did not write an essay on the subject assigned them. They have not expanded on the philosophy of the theme. They have striven diligently to tell the true story of the life of Catasauqua, and her people, in the briefest form possible. This they did and nothing more.


For the prompt and many courteous replies to their inquiries they are truly grateful. They deem it a privilege to acknowledge the benevolent courtesy of Mr. William H. Glace, Esq., who favored them with his recent book (1914) on "Early History and Reminiscences of Catasauqua." with permission to '"take all or such portions as you desire in the preparation of your pamphlet for Old Home Week." They beg further to acknowledge worthy contributions by James S. Stillman, Frank M. Horn, Wm. H.. Schneller, Esq., J. S. Elverson, Dr. Charles Milson, the Clergy of Catasauqua, and others whose suggestions they value most highly. In response to the solicitation of the editors the firm of Geo. V. Miller and Company, Printers and Publishers, of Scranton, Pa., loaned them the free use of certain cuts of scenes in and about town, which are inserted in this Volume. Attention was drawn to them through a beautiful Souvenir of Catasauqua, published by this progressive firm, and for sale by Messrs. A. J. Etheredge & Co. The editors hereby express their cordial gratitude to Messrs. Geo. V. Miller & Co. for their courtesy.


For obvious reasons the editor's were not in a position to begin their work until the middle of March. Their regular duties, as Pastor of a large parish in one instance, and Supervising Principal of the Schools in the other, could not be neglected. Therefore, they prevailed upon their friends: Gus. E. Oswald, Principal of the High School; Alfred C. Lewis, Instructor in the Commercial Department; and DeAlton F. Gould of the Department of English in the High School to assist them in their work, so as to enable them to bring forth this book in ample time for the Celebration. They have chosen to express their cordial appreciation of the valuable services of these gentlemen by placing their cuts on the editorial page.


If time and space did not forbid they would most gladly have inserted many more biographies and reminiscences. No doubt some persons and incidents will come to mind, after the last proof will have been returned to the printers, which should have been inserted by all means. But, human work is never perfect.


That the perusal of this volume may prove both pleasing and profitable to all is their ardent wish.




June 1, 1914.




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