Coal, Fire, Iron, & Steam


Hopkin Thomas and the American Industrial Revolution

Written and Compiled by John B. McVey


Table of Contents


Notes on this Edition



On a Personal Note



Part I   Wales

                        1. HopkinÕs  Birthplace – Bryncoch, Glamorganshire, Wales

                        2. The Industrial Revolution in Wales

                        3. Neath Abbey Ironworks

                        4. On to Merthyr Tydfil

                        5. Emigration to America


Part II Philadelphia

                        6. Philadelphia 1830, the Athens of America

                        7. The Baldwin and the Norris Locomotive Works

                        8. Garrett & Eastwick - Eastwick & Harrison


Part III The Industrial Revolution in America

                        9. The Anthracite Coal Industry

                        10. The Anthracite Iron Industry

                        11. Steam Engine and Railroad Developments


Part IV Beaver Meadows

                        12. The Formation of the Beaver Meadow R. R. & Coal Co.

                        13. Hopkin Thomas as Master Mechanic at the B. M. R. R. & Coal Co.

                        14.  Reorganization of the Beaver Meadow Rail Road & Coal Co.


Part V Tamaqua

                        15. Why is Hopkin in Tamaqua?

                        16. Industrial Development of the Schuylkill Region

                        17. The Great  Flood of 1850

                        18. Latter Tamaqua Days


Part VI Catasauqua

                        19. Catasauqua – Early 1850s

20 .Chief Engineer – Crane Iron Works

                        21. Passing and Remembrances


Sources and References


Appendix I         Beaver Meadow RR & Coal Co. Annual Reports

Appendix II        Minute Books of the BMRR & Coal Co.

Appendix III       Patents

Appendix IV       Pictorial Catalog of Early Steam Locomotives

Appendix V        PennsylvaniaÕs Anthracite Railroads – Earl J. Heydinger

Appendix VI       Catasauqua and its Industries and Residences

Appendix VII      Biographies and Genealogies

Appendix VIII     Schuylkill County Court Records

Appendix IX       Hopkin Thomas Timeline


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