Hopkin Thomas Family Ties

The Family Tree Index – a graphical  link to the Hopkin Thomas family tree and 134 other families tied to the Hopkin Thomas family through blood or marriage.  There are approximately 45,000 persons currently represented on the family trees.

Biographical Sketches - the link to biographical data for those appearing in the trees and for whom such data has been compiled.


Methods and Sources

The genealogical data has been compiled using Reunion, Ver 9, published for Macintosh, by Leister Productions.  Sources including publications, web sites and personal communications are listed here.

A Request for Information

If your roots are in the Lehigh Valley, chances are your family name is included - and hopefully even you.

If your family name is there, but you are not, and you have some inkling that your family is related to the one listed, send me an e-mail and perhaps we can establish a link.

If you are in the data base, then a biographical sketch and a picture would be appreciated. Both should be something in which you take a certain amount of pride. That is, this is your chance to pad your resume. You could say that you were an elementary school teacher, but it would be better to say that you taught fourth graders in Catasauqua, many of whom grew up to run for the Presidency. I have spent hours going over the genealogical histories written in the early 20th century and it is apparent to me that those whose bios appeared (probably by virtue of their subscribing to an issue of the book being prepared) took the opportunity to exaggerate their importance (not in our family, of course). So go for it. This is your legacy. A hundred years from now you don't want your great grandchildren to say, "Uncle Don really didn't do much, did he". As far as the picture goes, the pose can be casual as long as the face is well lighted - I will crop the rest of the image. Digital images are preferred.

Contact jb.mcvey@roadrunner.com


Thanks to Newt and Monica Bugbee for initiating my interest in the activities of Hopkin Thomas and for many of the leads that are being pursued.

Molly Taylor supplied much of the information on the Shannahan, Taylors, Myers and Newan families and a good deal of the information on the McKee family.

Ian Zaenger provided extensive information on the McKees of Pennsylvania.

Frederic W. (Fritz) and William R. (Dick) Thomas provided data on the current and recent descendants of Hopkin’s son, William Richards Thomas.

Meriam Schmeig, a descendant of David Thomas supplied much of the data on the younger generations of the David Thomas family.

David Thomas III and David Thomas IV have supplied information on their branch of the David Thomas family.

Daphne Holmquist has worked on the Milson and Stillman families.

Barbara H. Eckbreth provided all of the information on the Eckbreth, Hocking, Pelletier, Hayes, Charette (Chout), Dufour, and Cortelyou families and much of the data on the Merrick, Easland and Reid families.

Jane L. Green provided extensive information on the Heffelfinger and Weber (Weaver) families.

Jim Weaver is keeping us abreast of his branch within the Jacob Mickley family.

Nancy Kee Conlin Wyatt has provided information on the Butler line within the Thomas McKee line.

Michael J. Cox has provided much data on the Sayre, Cox, Dodson and Hazard families.

Hal Buckingham supplied information on current and past generation of the Butler, Carr and Slocum branches of the Sayre family.

Gladys and Reid Hanford have supplied data on the Reid and Oakes branches of the Merrick family. Marie Trawinska supplied data on the Trawinska family in the Merrick family.

Carol Jesse has provided extensive information on the David Williams family.

Diane Kelly Weintraub, a descendant of Nehemiah Newan, has provided much data on that family and on the Taylors.

Paul C. Nascimbene has provided input on the George H. Daugherty and James Laird families.

Jenny Hawran has provided information on the family of Oliver Earnest Hawkins, spouse of Irene Thomas of the Hopkin Thomas Tree.

Gareth Davies, of the UK, has provided information on the Morgan Emanuel family who lived in the Lehigh Valley – see the David Williams Tree.

Dave Finnigan has provided information on the Weston D. Dodson family which led to expansion of the Samuel Dodson family, and the families attached thereto.

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