Capt. William R. (Billy) Jones

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Being a prominent and colorful character in the development of the steel industry, Capt. Billy Jones had had many biographers record his career. Among the publications which trace his career are the following.


The Romance of Steel,  a book authored by R. Hasson documents the development of the steel industry in America in the nineteenth century. JonesÕ accomplishments are covered in detail in a segment available here.


A biography was published in the History of Allegheny County, in 1889.


Sources emphasizing some of his colorful activities including his early life in Catasauqua, Pa. were compiled by Dale Wint.


Another brief compilation describing his connection with the Hopkin Thomas family is presented here.


A thorough description of the Edgar Thomson Steel Works and JonesÕ involvement was compiled by Hugh Meese.



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