The Mauch Chunk Courier, July 25, 1840





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THE LEHIGH COAL AND NAVIGATION COMPANY offer for sale, or to let on an annual ground rent, with the right to purchase at any time by paying the principal of the rent, very extensive Water Powers along the Lehigh Navigation, between South Easton and White Haven, afforded in a distance of seventy-one miles, every variety of location, and abundance of power at each for extensive iron works or other purposes. These powers may be relied on as constant, and being on a large navigation, abounding in every variety of iron ore and in limestone and coal, contiguous to the Lehigh, and extending on each aide of the Canal many miles, present the means and materials for manufacturing iron in all its various branches and a great variety of iron ores of the richest quality are also found along the line of the Morris Canal (by which the Lehigh Navigation communicates with New York) which can be brought to the works as back loading.


It is believed that no section of the country possesses greater advantages than the Lehigh, for the manufacture of iron; either in the amount of power to be applied, the abundance and variety of coal, ore. limestone, and other necessary materials, the ease and shortness of communication with all the markets the salubrity of the location, and the cheapness of living, and of all the raw materials.


The Lehigh Navigation, which has, five feet water with‑locks 22 feet by 100 feet in the clear, communicates from its eastern extremity with Philade1phta by the Delaware division of the Pennsylvania Canal in 78 miles, and with New York by the Morris Canal in 102 miles, and the Delaware & Raritan Canal in 126 miles. At its western extremity the Lehigh Navigation will in a few months have a. communication with Wilkesbarre, on the North branch of the, Susquehanna by a railroad of only twenty miles, made with a favorable grade, and in the most approved manner -- fifteen miles of this road being already passable for Cars. By this route the distance from the North Branch Canal at Wilkesbarre, to Philadelphia is one hundred miles less, and to New York one hundred and sixty-eight miles less than by any other route.  From Northumberland, at the West Branch of the Susquehanna, the Lehigh route is, nearly as short as any other Canal Line to Philadelphia and shorter than any other to New York, and from the mouth of the Juniata to New York; the Lehigh route is as short as any other.


The Company being desirous of having the manufacture of iron with anthracite coal extensively established along their line, have reduced the price of water power to be applied to this object, so much, that it is believed the water power to make a ton of pig iron, will not cost more than from sixteen to twenty cents. They will also furnish coal for this purpose at much below their usual rates.


For further information apply to William H Knowles, the Company's Superintendent, at Mauch Chunk; William Zanc, Agent, at South Easton; John Brown Agent, White Haven or at the Company's Office at Philadelphia.




July 25th. 1840.


P. S. The Furnace of the Lehigh Crane Iron Company whose works are situated on the Lehigh Canal near Allentown, is now making first-rate iron from the ore exclusively with Anthracite Coal, with the most entire success and is open to the inspection of all who may choose to visit it.


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