Passenger Locomotive by Fenton, Murray And Jackson, 1834.


General type of the "Planet" class. The Locks and Canals Co. of Lowell, Mass. commenced the construction of Loco's after the model of the "Planet" in 1834, and supplied many engines of that class to the railways of New England. The first locomotive made at Lowell was "The Patrick" (named for Patrick Tracy Jackson, Esq.) placed upon the Boston and Lowell Railroad June 24th 1835. This Engine and the “Lowell”, "Concord", "Nashua", "Medford", and "Suffolk" on the same line measured as follows, Cyls., 11" dia., 16" strokes, 5 ft drv. whls., 3 ft leading whls., Boiler 34" dia. containing 66 copper tubes, 2¼ out dia. 6'10" long; Fire grate 23" long, 3.6 wide, firebox 3' 1½" to 3'3" deep, grate area 6.71 sqr. ft. Firebox surface (in different engines) from 36.8 to 38.36 sq. ft. external surface of tubes 265.6 sq. ft. Induction ports 6" long 1-1/8" wide, eduction port 1½" wide; two blast pipes each 1½" only in dia. at the nozzle; weight of Engine in working order, 10 tons, 6 cwt 1 gr. 6 lbs. Weight on driving wheels 6 tons 9 cwt, 1 gr. 9 lbs, Weight of Tender loaded, 6 tons, 13 cwt, 1 gr. 6 lbs. These Engines burned wood.


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