Horatio Allen’s “America", 1828


Locomotive Engine "America". In the year 1828, Mr. Horatio Allen was commissioned by the Delaware and Hudson Canal Co. to have built in England for the Company three or four locomotives to be decided by him when in England. He accordingly made a contract with Messrs. Robert Stephenson & Co. of New Castle on Tyne for one Locomotive and with Messrs. Foster, Rastruck & Co. of Stourbridge for three more. One of the latter was the "Stourbridge Lion" which made the famous first trip on the Delaware and Hudson Canal Co. line at Honesdale, Pa. on Aug 8th 1829. The "America" arrived in America January. 17th 1829 and the "Stourbridge Lion" May 13th 1829. Therefore while the "Stourbridge Lion" made the first trip on the Continent, the "America" was the first locomotive to arrive. The dimensions of the "America" were as follows: dia. of boiler 49", length 9' 6", firebox 48" x 26", cyl. 9", stroke 24", drivers 48" dia.. Size of the tubes 19", no. of tubes 2.


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