The "John Bull", 1831.


This Engine was built by George Stephenson at New Castle on Tyne, England, for the Camden and Amboy Railroad, and arrived in America in August 1831; and began running on the 12th of November of the same year at Bordentown, N. J. The weight of the engine was about 10 tons; boiler 13 ft. long and 42" dia., cylinders 9" dia. by 20" stroke; driving wheels 4' 6" dia. made with cast iron hubs and wooden spokes and felloes. The tires were wrought iron ¾" thick, depth of flange 1½"; gauge of track 5 feet. This engine was the first in use in the State of New Jersey, and is still in existence, having been deposited in the Smithsonian Institute at Washington by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company.


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