Old Ironsides, 1832.


The "Old Ironsides", 1832. In November, 1832 M. W. Baldwin, the founder of the celebrated Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia built this locomotive named the "Old Ironsides" for the Philadelphia, Germantown and Norristown Railroad, and did good service for 20 years. It was a close copy of the English engines used on the New Castle and Frenchtown Railroad (now part of the Phila. Wilm. & Balto. Railroad) with a few minor improvements. It was a four wheel engine dia. of drivers 54" placed in front of the firebox; the front wheels were simply carrying wheels 45" dia. The cylinders were 9½" dia. by 18" stroke and were attached to the smoke box. The boiler was 32" dia. 32 tubes 7 ft. long, weight of eng. in working order, 5 tons. Cost ready for road, $3500.00.


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