Stephenson's Engine "Locomotion" or No. 1, 1825.


Model of the Locomotion


This Engine was the first or "No 1" built by George Stephenson in his own establishment at New Castle-on-Tyne, which began business in 1824 and was delivered in time for the opening of the Stockton and Darlington Railway on Sept. 27th 1825. The general dimensions of the engine are as follows: diameter of cylinders 9"; stroke of piston 24"; diameter of wheels 48"; total heating surface, 60 square feet; weight of engine 6 tons, 10 cwt., capacity of tank, 240 gallons. This engine on the opening day, drew thirty-eight vehicles upon which were four hundred and fifty passengers and about ninety tons of merchandise, the highest speed obtained being twelve miles an hour, the average four to six.


A further description of StephensonÕs 1825 engine is given in A History Of The Growth Of The Steam-Engine by Robert H. Thurston.