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Within the past decade, more information and pictures of the N. A. I. W. have appeared on the Internet. Also, an excellent history of the Ironworks with photographs taken in the 1970’s has been published by L. Ince. A gallery of photos available in 2007  has been assembled from these sources  and can be viewed by clicking on the link below.


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The primary sources are the book by Ince,  the McVey’s (this author’s) photo record of their site visit in 1996, and photos posted on Flickr by AndySouthWales on April 9, 2006 (no longer available). Andy’s photos show the state of the ruins after the stabilization process carried out in 1996.


This authors site visit, entitled "A Search for the Neath Abbey Iroworks", can be viewed here in pdf form.


The photos contained in the book by Ince are of interest as they illustrate the degradation that has occurred since the 70’s. In particular one can see that the roof of the shop was in tact at that time. Ince reports that it was destroyed by fire. Also shown is a picture of the building that housed the forge and rolling mill. This building was located north of the viaduct beside the Clydach River. It was built in 1825.


Brian Wagstaffe has published a web site on the Neath area; his page on the Ironworks can be viewed here. Brian's entire site, entitled Neath - Glamorgan - A Genealogy in Context, can be viewed here.


A description of the current (2007) state of the Ironworks ruins written by David Topping is given here.  Apparently the site is not open to the public. Toppings article is part of a narrative on the abbeys of the Cistercian order that can be found here.


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