Excerpts from Books & Articles on the Newcomen Engine


The contributions of Thomas Newcomen, being important in scope, have been studied by many different authors.. Selected for inclusion herein are excerpts from:


Kelly, M., The Non Rotative Beam Engine, Chapter 2, The Newcomen Engine  This includes descriptions of the Steam Admission valve Gear and the Injection Valve Gear. These mechanisms were quite clever and should be understood by the reader.


Thurston, Robert H., A History Of The Growth Of The Steam-Engine, Chapter 2, The Steam-Engine As a Train of Mechanism. Contains illustrations of various installations and notes the contributions of John Smeaton and others that collaborated with Newcomen.


Rolt , L. T. C & J. S. Allen, The Steam Engine of Thomas Newcomen, CHAPTER 5 Technical Developments 1712-33  Contains  more detailed technical information than most publications.



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