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A Treatise on Pneumatics.

1. The bent Siphon

2. Concentric or inclosed Siphon

3. Uniform discharge Siphon

4. Siphon which is capable of discharging a greater or less quantity of Liquid with uniformity

5. A Vessel for withdrawing Air from a Siphon

6. A Vessel for retaining or discharging a Liquid at pleasure.

7. A Vessel for discharging Liquids of different temperatures at pleasure

8. A Vessel for discharging Liquids in varying proportions

9. A Water Jet produced by mechanically compressed Air

10. A Valve for a Pump

11. Libations on an Altar produced by Fire

12. A Vessel from which the contents flow when filled to a certain height

13. Two Vessels from which the contents flow, by a Liquid being poured into one only

14. A Bird made to whistle by flowing Water

15. Birds made to sing and he silent alternately by flowing Water

16. Trumpets sounded by flowing Water

17. Sounds produced on the opening of a Temple Door

18. Drinking horn from which either Wine or Water will flow

19. A Vessel containing a Liquid of uniform height, although a Stream flows from it

20. A Vessel which remains full, although Water be drawn from it

21. Sacrificial Vessel which flows only when Money is introduced

22. A Vessel from which a variety of Liquids may be made to flow through one Pipe

23. A Flow of Wine from one Vessel, produced by Water being poured into another

24. A Pipe from which flows Wine and Water in varying proportions

25. A Vessel from which Wine flows in proportion as Water is withdrawn

26. A Vessel from which Wine flows in proportion as Water is poured into another

27. The Fire-Engine

28. An Automaton which drinks at certain times only, on a Liquid being presented to it

29. An Automaton which may be made to drink at any time, on a Liquid being presented to it

30. An Automaton which will drink any quantity that may he presented to it

31. A wheel in a Temple, which, on being turned liberates purifying Water

32. A Vessel containing different Wines, any one of which may be liberated by placing a certain Weight in a Cup

33. A self-trimming Lamp

34. A Vessel from which Liquid may be made to flow, on any portion of Water being poured into it

35. A Vessel which will hold a certain quantity of Liquid when the supply is continuous, will only receive a portion of such Liquid if the supply is intermittent

36. A Satyr pouring Water from a Wine-skin into a full Washing-Basin, without making the contents overflow

37. Temple Doors opened by Fire on an Altar

38. Other intermediate means of opening Temple Doors by Fire on an Altar

39. Wine flowing from a Vessel may be arrested on the Introduction of Water, but, when the Supply of Water ceases, the Wine flows again

40. On an Apple being lifted, Hercules shoots a Dragon which then hisses

41. A Vessel from which uniform Quantities only of Liquid can be poured

42. A Water-Jet actuated by compressed Air from the Lungs

43. Notes from a Bird produced at intervals by an intermittent Stream of Water

44. Notes produced from several Birds in succession, by a Stream of Water

45. A Jet of Steam supporting a Sphere

46. The World represented in the Centre of the Universe

47. A Fountain which trickles by the Action of the Sun's Rays

48. A Thyrsus made to whistle by being submerged in Water

49. A Trumpet, in the hands of an Automaton, sounded by compressed Air

50. The Steam-Engine

51. A Vessel from which flowing Water may be stopped at pleasure

52. A Drinking-Horn in which a peculiarly formed Siphon is fixed

53. A Vessel in which Water and Air ascend and descend alternately

54. Water driven from the Mouth of a Wine-skin in the Hands of a Satyr, by means of compressed Air

55. A Vessel, out of which Water flows as it is poured in but if the supply is with-held, Water will not flow again, until the Vessel is half filled and on the supply being again stopped, it will not then flow until the Vessel is filled

56. A Cupping-Glass, to which is attached, an Air exhausted Compartment

57. Description of a Syringe

58. A Vessel from which a Flow of Wine can be stopped, by pouring into it a small Measure of Water

59. A Vessel from which Wine or Water may be made to flow, separately or mixed

60. Libations poured on an Altar, and a Serpent made to hiss, by the Action of Fire

61. Water flowing from a Siphon ceases on surrounding the End of its longer Side with Water

62. A Vessel which emits a Sound when a Liquor is poured from it

63. A Water-Clock, made to govern the quantities of Liquid flowing from a Vessel

64. A Drinking-Horn from which a mixture of Wine and Water, or pure Water may be made to flow alternately or together, at pleasure

65. A Vessel from which Wine or Water may be made to flow separately or mixed

66. Wine discharged into a Cup in any required quantity

67. A Goblet into which as much Wine flows as is taken out

68. A Shrine over which a Bird may be made to revolve and sing by Worshippers turning a Wheel

69. A Siphon fixed in a Vessel from which the Discharge shall cease at will

70. Figures made to dance by Fire on an Altar

71. A Lamp in which the Oil can be raised by Water contained within its Stand

72. A Lamp in which the Oil is raised by blowing Air into it

73. A Lamp in which the Oil is raised by Water as required

74. A Steam-Boiler from which a hot-Air blast, or hot-Air mixed with Steam is blown into the Fire, and from which hot Water flows on the introduction of cold

75. A Steam-Boiler from which either a hot Blast may be driven into the Fire, a Blackbird made to sing, or a Triton to blow a horn

76. An Altar Organ blown by manual Labour

77. An Altar Organ blown by the agency of a Wind-mill

78. An Automaton, the head of which continues attached to the body, after a knife has entered the neck at one side, passed completely through it, and out at the other; which animal will drink immediately after the operation



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