Section 18

18. Drinking Horn from which either Wine or Water will flow.

There is a kind of drinking horn, such that if wine be first poured into it, and then water, sometimes the water flows out unmixed, and sometimes the wine. The following is the construction. Let A B C (fig. 18) be a drinking horn, furnished with two partitions, D E and F G: through both of these let a tube, H K, pass, soldered into the partitions, and pierced with a small hole, L situated a little above the partition F G; and under the partition D E let there be a vent, M, in the side of the vessel. If, when these arrangements are complete, we close the passage at C and pour in wine, it will pass through the vent M; and, if we cover M with the finger, the wine in D E F G will be retained. Now, if we pour water into the part A B D E, still closing the vent M, pure water will flow out; but if, while the water is still in the upper part of the vessel, we unclose M, a mixture will be discharged; and when all the water has passed out, the stream will be of pure wine. By frequently unclosing M the discharge may be varied: but the better method is first to pour water into the chamber D E G F, and then, closing the vent, to pour wine upon it. The result will be that sometimes pure water flows out, and again, when the siphon is set free, a mixture; presently, on stopping the vent, pure wine. And this can be done as often as we please.

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