Section 26

26. A Vessel from which Wine flows in proportion as Water is poured into another.

If it is required that the wine shall flow in a certain ratio to the water we pour into the vessel, we must proceed as follows. As before let A B (fig. 26) be the vessel containing water, and G H that which contains wine, but let the tube E F be outside the vessel A B. In A B let a ball, D, float, from which a cord, passing over a pulley, S, is attached to the tube E F so as to suspend it; and let all else correspond with what was stated in the last paragraph. The result will be that, when water is poured into the vessel A B, the ball D rising will lower the tube E F, and the wine will flow again. This may be effected in a different manner by attaching the cord from the ball D, across a third pulley, C, to another pulley, S, and across that again to the siphon K L. It will be found now that, when the ball rises, the siphon K L M, being suspended by the cord, is lowered, so that, the outer leg having again become the longer, the wine will flow through the mouth M.

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