Section 30

30. An Automaton which will drink any quantity that may be presented to it.

The animal may be made to drink without the aid of running water, or of any thing to move the figure of Pan. Let A B C D (fig. 30) be a pedestal, and E the mouth of the animal, through the breast and hinder foot or tail of which a tube, E F G, is inserted, leading from the mouth E to the interior of the pedestal. The pedestal having been first firmly fixed, let a hole, E, so fine as to be scarcely discernible, be bored in the tube E F G which passes through the animal, in a line with the extremity G. Now if we fill the siphon E F G with water through some pipe above it, the mouth of which is applied to E, the siphon will continue full since its two orifices lie in the same level. If, therefore, a drinking vessel be brought to the mouth E, and a portion of the mouth immersed in it, it will be found that the leg of the siphon towards G has become the longer, so that it will attract the water, and the water attracted is carried into the pedestal A B C D. In this construction it is not necessary that A B C D should be air-tight.

Section 31.