Section 38

38. Other intermediate means of opening Temple Doors by Fire on an Altar.

There is another way in which, on lighting a fire, the doors will open. As before, let a small temple stand upon a base, A B C D (fig. 38), on which is an altar, E. Let a tube, F G H, pass through the altar and be attached to a leathern bag, K, perfectly air-tight : beneath this let a small weight, L, hang, from which a chain is attached across a pulley to the chains round the hinges, so that, when the bag is folded together, the weight L preponderates and shuts the doors, and when fire is placed on the altar they are opened. For, as before, the air in the altar growing hot, and expanding, will pass through the tube F G H into the bag, and raise it up with the weight L; and then the doors will be opened. The doors will either open of themselves, as the doors of baths shut spontaneously, or they may have a counterbalancing weight to open them. When the sacrifice is extinguished, and the air which has entered the bag passes out, the weight, descending with the bag, will tighten the chains and close the doors.

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