Section 48

No. 48. A Thyrsus made to whistle by being submerged in Water.

BY immersing a thyrsus in water to produce the sound either of a pipe or of any bird. Let A B C D (fig. 48), be a thyrsus; and at the extremity of its head, which must be hollow and shaped like a fir-cone, let there be an orifice D. Close the shaft a little below the mouth by the partition A E, and place near it a small pipe, F, just beneath the mouth of the tube, and passing through an orifice in the partition. If we insert the thyrsus in water and force it downwards, the air contained in it being driven out by the water will produce a sound. If there is nothing but the pipe we shall have a whistle only; but if there is any quantity of water under the partition there will be a gurgling sound.

Section 49.