Section 62

No. 62. A Vessel which emits a Solid when a Liquid is poured from it.

THE construction of a flagon which utters a sound when liquid is forced from it. Take a flagon (fig. 62), such as is about to be described, the neck of which is closed by the plate A B, and the mouth by C D; and through both these partitions, fitting into them air-tight, let a tube, E F, be inserted. G H is the handle of the flagon, and K L a tube placed in the opposite side of the neck, fitting closely into the partition A B and far enough distant from C D to allow of the passage of water: in C D let there be a small pipe M such as will utter sound. The flagon may be filled through the tube E F, the air passing out through the tube K L and the pipe M; and if we take the handle of the flagon and incline it so as to pour out the contents, water will flow out of the vessel through the tube E F, and into the neck B C through K L the air contained in the neck being forced out through M gives forth a sound. There should be another hole in A B through which air may pass again when the vessel is righted.

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