Section 64

No. 64. A Drinking-Horn from which a Mixture of Wine and Water, or pure Water may be made to flow alternately or together, at pleasure.

THE construction of a drinking-horn from which at first a mixture shall flow; when we please, on pouring in water, water alone, and then again a mixture. Let A B (fig. 64), be a drinking-horn, its neck closed by the plate C D, through which is inserted a tube, E F, leading to the orifice F, and having a hole, o, bored in it within the vessel: in the vessel just under the partition make a vent H. Now, if we close the orifice F and pour in the mixture, it will pass into the body of the vessel through the hole G; and if we set F free, the mixture will flow through it, the air escaping by the vent H. Again, if we close H and pour in pure water, the mixture will no longer flow as the air has no means of entrance, but pure water; and, when H is set free, both will flow, the water and the mixture, or rather a mixture which is produced from the two united.

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