Section 68

No. 68. A Shrine over which a Bird may be made to revolve and sing by Worshippcrs turning a wheel.
THE construction of a shrine provided with a revolving wheel of bronze, termed a purifier, which worshippers are accustomed to turn round as they enter. Let it be required that, if the wheel is turned, the note of the black-cap shall be produced, and the bird, standing on the top of the shrine, turn round as well; while, if the wheel is turned [in the opposite direction], the black-cap neither sings nor revolves. Let A B C D (fig. 68), be the shrine and E F an axis extending across it, capable of revolving freely, to which the wheel H K, which is to be turned round, is attached. Let two other wheels be attached to the axis, in the interior of the shrine, L and M, of which L has a pulley, and M is a wheel with rays. Round the pulley a cord is wound, from the extremity of which is suspended a vessel N, shaped like a conical oven, and provided with a tube X 0, terminating in a small pipe which produces the note of a black-cap: under the conical vessel N must be placed a vessel of water. From the top of the shrine let fall a small axis S T capable of revolving freely: at the extremity S let a black-cap be placed, and at T a wheel with rays, the rays of which are implicated with, or take into, the rays of the wheel M. It will be found that, when the wheel H K is made to revolve, the cord is wound round the pulley and raises the conical vessel N; but, if the wheel is let go, N descends by its own weight into the water and produces the sound by the expulsion of the air. The black-cap turns round at the same time owing to the revolution of the wheels.

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