Section 72

No. 72. A Lamp in which the Oil is raised by blowing Air into it.

THE same effect can be produced with the same general construction, more readily [than] by constructing the pedestal in which the water is. Let the rest be as before, with the exception of the pedestal and the water in it; the extremity M of the tube M N, (fig. 72), being fitted air-tight into an orifice in the surface of the shaft, so as to be visible outside. Then apply the mouth and now into the outer orifice ; the breath will pass into the cup and force out the oil through the tube X 0. Thus the same will take place as before; for as often as we blow into the tube oil will flow into the lamp. It will be necessary that the extremity of the handle should be bent at right angles to the orifice of the lamp, that the oil may not be driven outside.

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