Section 78

No. 78. An Automaton, the head of which continues attached to the body, after a knife has entered the neck at one side, passed completely through it, and out at the other; the animal will drink immediately after the operation.

AN animal shall be made to drink while it is being severed in two. In the mouth of the animal (fig. 78), let there be a tube, A B, and in the neck another, C D, passing along through one of the outer feet. Between these tubes let a male cylinder, E F, pass, to which are attached toothed bars, G and H. Above G place a portion of a toothed wheel, K, and, in like manner, beneath H a portion of a toothed wheel, L. Over all let there be a wheel, M, the inner rim of which is thicker than the outer; and let sections be cut out of this wheel by the three circles M, N and X, so that the interval between each division may be equal to the radius of the wheel. Let the rim or felly be likewise divided by the circles, so that the circumference of the wheel will no longer be a circle. Having made an incision, 0 P, in the upper part of the neck, and severed the head within the incision, make in it a circular Cavity broader below than above, as it were a female tube shaped like an axe, which will contain two sides of the hexagon inscribed in the circle. Let this cavity be it S, in which the entire rim M N X will revolve in such a manner that, before one division disappears, the beginning of the next will succeed, and similarly with the third: so that, if a pin be inserted through the wheel, the wheel will revolve, and the head of the animal adhere to the neck. Now, if a knife is passed down through the incision 0 P, it will enter one of the clefts of the wheel M, and confine it in the circular cavity; and, descending lower, it will touch the projecting tooth of the part K of the wheel, which, being forced downwards, will fit its teeth into those of the bar G, and the bar being pushed back will bring the cylinder out of the tube A B. The knife, passing through the intervening space, will still descend and fall upon the projecting tooth of the part L of the wheel; and this, being forced downwards, and fitting its teeth into the toothed bar H, will drive the cylinder out of C D and fit it into A B. This cylinder is an interior tube fitted into the two tubes, that, namely, in the mouth of the animal, and that reaching from the incision in the neck to the hinder foot. When the knife has passed quite through the neck, and the tube E F has touched both A B and c D, let water be offered to the animal, and a pair of sliding tubes, placed under the herdsman, be turned round. When the herdsman revolves, the water above will flow downwards along the tube C D E F A B, and the current of air caused by the stream of water will attract the water offered to the mouth of the animal. Of course the sliding tubes are so arranged that, as the herdsman turns round, the holes in them coincide. The same result can be brought about without the aid of a stream of water in the following manner. Take once more a pedestal perfectly air-tight, A B C D (fig. 79), having a partition across the middle, E F. Let the tube from the mouth of the animal, G H K, lead into the pedestal, and another tube, L M N, pass through the surface A D and the partition E F. In the tube, L M N, perforate a hole, X, just above the partition E F, and let another tube, 0 P, fit into it closely, having a hole, R, corresponding with the hole X. To the tube O P attach a figure of Pan, or some other figure with a fierce look, and, when the figure is turned towards the animal, it shall not drink, as though frightened; when the figure turns away, it shall drink. Now, if we pour water into the compartment A D E F through a hole, G', which must afterwards be carefully closed with wax or some other substance, it will be found that, if the holes R and X are made to coincide, the water which was poured in will pass into the compartment E B C F. As A D E F becomes empty, it will attract the air through the mouth of the figure, which will then drink when a cup is presented to it.