The Steam Turbine

Index of Diagrams and Tables:
  • Figure 32: Turbines in Series for Four Shaft arrangement in Battleships.
  • Figure 33: Turbines arranged, three in series, for a Four Screw Battleship.
  • Figure 34: Section of High-Pressure Turbine, with Cruising Element.
  • Figure 35: Apparatus for Experiments on Cavitation.
  • Figure 36: Beginning of Cavitation; 1500 Revolutions.
  • Figure 37: Advanced stage in Cavitation; 1800 Revolutions.
  • Figure 38: Final stage of Cavitation; 2000 Revolutions.
  • Figure 39: Diagram showing growth in size between 1894 and 1908 of Turbine Propelled Warships.
  • Figure 40: Diagram showing growth in size of Turbine-propelled Merchant Ships.
  • Figure 41: First set of Combination Machinery--in H.M.S. "Velos."
  • Figure 42: The First Turbine Commercial Steamer--The "King Edward."
  • Figure 43-45: The Combination Machinery in the "Otaki."
  • Figure 46-47: The Geared Turbines in the "Vespusian."
  • Figure 48: Water Consumption of "Vespusian" in service with Reciprocating Engines and with Geared Turbines, the propeller being the same in both cases.
  • Figure 49: View of Gearing in "Vespusian."
  • Figure 50: Geared Turbines in Twin Screw Torpedo Boat Destroyer.
  • Figure 51: Arrangement of Machinery.
  • Table 1: Performance of Parsons' Turbo-Generators at different Epochs.
  • Table 2: Performance of Notable Ships of Different Epochs with Parsons' Turbines.

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