Seeming satisfaction of the power and use of it: and having most graciously enabled me by your royal assent to a patent andact of parliament to pursue and perfect the same. By which your royal encouragement, it being now, fully completed, and put in practice in your dominions, with that repeated success and applause: that it is not to be doubted but it will be of universal benefitand use to all your majesties subjects. Of whom your majesty being the universal patron and father, all arts and inventions that may promote their good andadvantage, seem to lay a just and natural claim to your majesties sacred protection.

It is upon this consideration I am incouraged with a profound respect to throwthis performance of mine, with the author, at your majesties royal feet, most humbly beseeching your majesty, that as it had birth in your majesties auspicious reign, you will vouch safe to perpetuate it to future agesby the sanction of your royal approbation, which is the utmost ambition of,
May it please your Majesty,
Your Majesties
most Humble,
most Loyal,
and most Obedient

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