At the request of some of your members at the weekly meeting at Gresham-College, June 14, 1699. I had the honor to work a small model of my engine beforeyou, and you were pleased to approve of it. Since which I have met with greatdifficulties and expense, to instruct handicraft artificers to form my engineaccording to my design; but my workmen, after so much experience, are becomesuch masters of the thing that they oblige themselves to deliver what engines they make me, exactly tight and fit for service, and as such I dare warrant them to anybody that has occasion for them.

Your kindness in countenancing this invention in its first appearance in the world, gives me hopes the usefulness of it will make it more acceptableto your honorable SOCIETY, as they are the most proper judges of whatadvantage it may be to mankind. And it would be ungrateful in me not to make use of this opportunity to return you my most humble andhearty thanks for the honor and favor you did me in approving my design, and publishing it to the world; which shall be always acknowledgedby
Your most oblidged
and most humble

Tho. Savery.

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