The University of Rochester has transcribed many of the classic texts on steam engine development so that they are available on line. The index to this library is available at this site.  A number of these classics have been reproduced here (in case the Rochester site is moved.)


Brown, William H. , The History of Locomotives in America, 1871


Carnegie, Andrew, James Watt, New York, 1905. 241 pages.


Carnot, Sadi, Reflections on the Motive Power of Heat and on Machines Fitted to Develop that Power, Translated by R.H. Thurston, New York, 1890. 260 pages, including 1 picture, tables, formulas, and supplementary material.


Evans, Oliver, The Abortion of the Young Steam Engineer's Guide, 1805. 139 pages, tables and illustrations.


Hart, Robert,  Reminiscences of James Watt, Glasgow, 1859. Contributed by John W. Stephens.


Hero of Alexandria , The Pneumatics of,  from the original Greek, translated for and edited by Bennet Woodcroft. London, Taylor Walton and Maberly, 1851. 111 pages, about 50 illustrations.


Lardner, Dionysius , The Steam Engine Explained and Illustrated; with an account of its invention and progressive improvement, and its application to Navigation and Railways; including also a Memoir of Watt. 7th edition, London, 1840. 522 pages, many illustrations.


Lord, John , Capital and Steam Power 1750-1800 London, 1923. 242 pages.


Marshall, Thomas H. , James Watt (1736-1819), London, 1925.


Parsons, Sir Charles , The Steam Turbine, Cambridge, 1911. 57 pages, about 40 pictures and technical drawings.


Savery, Thomas, The Miners Friend, or an Engine to Raise Water by Fire, London 1702.


Thurston, Robert H. , A History of the Growth of the Steam-Engine New York, 1878. 490 pages, 147 illustrations and 15 portraits.



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