Capital and Labour - APPENDIX

As there were many inquiries for engines that never resulted in an order or the erection of an engine, it is worth recording a list of the early inquiries received by Boulton and Watt, to show what sort of industrial enterprises felt the need of steam-power, even though from lack of capital or some other reason no engine was at the time erected.

Date of InquiryName of InquirerPurpose of EnginePlace of ErectionKind of Engine
Oct. 18,1775John ColletPolishing millLondonRotary
Oct. 22,1775John BlighWater-worksChelscaReciprocating
B. WilbieDistilleryStratford-le-Bow"
Dec. 14,1775J. ScottCollieryShrewsbury"
Feb. 16,1776S. GarbettIron-works and collieryCarron"
July 3,1776J. Cross & Co.DistilleryBristol"
July 26,1776Chas. CashPrivate water supply.."
July 30,1776T. Williams..Haverfordwest"
Aug. 30,1776Sir. A. Hope, Bt...Newton, near Edinburgh"
Oct. 28,1776C Howard, EngineerIron-worksHawarden, Flint"
Oct. 28,1776StewartPrivate water supply.."
Oct. 28,1776S. WyattPrivate water supply.."
Nov. 2,1776Shadwell Water-works..Shadwell"
Nov. 2,1776West Ham Water-works..Cornwall"
Nov. 8,1776Engine to be erected freeMine(Tin or Copper)CornwallReciprocating
Nov. 8,1776L. LangdaleRaising waterHolborn"
Nov. 8,1776Proctor & BeilbyMillSheffieldRotary
Nov. 10,1776F. L. KallerMineLandshut, SilesiaReciprocating
Nov. 12,1776HenshallCollieryLawton, Cheshire"
Nov. 12,1776MatthewsMineBroseley, Salop"
Nov. 26,1776BeechColliery.."
Feb. 16,1777SalmonBrine WorksHassall, ChesireReciprocating
1Feb. 22,1777ChapmanCollieryNewcastle-on-Tyne"
Feb. 27,1777.."Coseley"
March 1,1777WilsonCopper mineChacewater, Cornwall"
March 6,1777Bockett & Janson..Southwark"
April 2,1777GambrellCarpenter's shopRichmond, SurreyRotary
April 8,1777T. Wrothall..Woodhouse, nr. Sheffield"
April 8,1777T. Warden..Macclesfield"
April 24,1777G. MeasonCollieryEdinburghReciprocating
July 17,1777RichmondWater-worksRichmond"
Aug. 13,1777Ph. ClowesSilk millChesterfieldRotary
Aug. 18,1777BurgessWater-worksBorough water-worksReciprocating
Nov. 30,1777ArkwrightFeed water wheelCromford"
Dec. 31,1777ReynoldsIron worksKetley"
2April 16,1778M. Wright..Hull"

1. At this date five engines were working. Vide supra,p. 154

2. Smeaton received the contract for erecting this engine, but having seen the Boulton & Watt engine at the Birmingham Navigation, surrendered the Hull engine contract to Boulton & Watt.

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