Deb Haas had a ski event at the AMC's headquarters at Pinkham Notch, so she and Bob came up for the first weekend in March. Bob, our official photographer at UTRC, brought some of his gear up with him and took this photo of all of us smiling at the camera at the count of ten. This past summer, Bob and Deb had spent a lot of time in Arizona and Colorado and we went over the albums containing their photos. We had spent time there many years ago. Lots of fun looking at those shining peaks during our snowy winter.

Irv Miglietta also came up that weekend. With all the snow and slush in the driveway, I moved the tractor out to the barn so our visitors could park in our garage. We did get out for our usual walk in back of the Wentworth where the roads are very-well plowed. It turned out that X-C trails at Pinkham were not in good shape so Deb and friends came down to Jackson to ski. There was a lot of ice on the ski trails, but Jackson is very good at maintaining our trails. .

The next big event in March was John B's 85th birthday. Niece Dana picked John Chester (Jonko) up and came up to do some skiing. Here Jonko is going over a birthday card with me at breakfast. Both Reid and JC are now very good skiers and Dana enjoys having them with her on the trails.

Everybody came up that last weekend in March to help me celebrate my birthday. Here are Lucy, Sarah, and Reid occupying the entire kitchen as they play with some gooey stuff that apparently has no use except that it is very gooey. Cleary this required a lot of concentration to get the correct gooiness. I think this must have been one of Sarah's, now in 8th grade at the Masconommet School, great ideas.

All 12 of us went to the White Mountain Cider Co. for dinner that Saturday night. The kids like the food there and they have an upstairs room that has one long table and no other tables. We put all the kids at one end and hopefully they won't stomp there feet. They are all getting older, so that is no longer an issue. Lucy, the youngest is now 10 and Katherine, a sophomore at Babson College, shown here with father Jim, is no longer a teenager.

Here is a shot of Lucy with mother Jen at the dinner table. Jen is extremely busy with two-jobs, one as a publicist for Random House and second as a book agent where she uses her knowledge of all the publisher's in New York to tie them to prospective authors. There has been talk about her sharing an apartment in NYC where she spends much of her time. On the other hand, Amtrak is about to triple the train rides from New Haven to Springfield, so we'll see which works best.

March 2018