Irv Miglietta came up from Glastonbury the first week of November and made sure that Wendy and I were doing our daily walks. Here we are in downtown Jackson on the bridge above the Wildcat River. On this walk we use the trails along the Wildcat (including the X-county ski trails) until we get back to Main St. and then circle in back of the library and come out in back of the Snowflake Inn (in back of Irv). Thanks for pushing us, Irv.

The last cut of the meadow was in late October. All the leaves are gone - I do not rake, the wind does all the work. That's me in the tractor, in the distance, taking the old plants and pumpkins to the edge of the meadow where they are dumped.

Here I am on the patio getting ready for the next load. All the chairs and tables have been moved to the barn. It was a brisk day, but nothing like it will be in another month.

Here's the barn aglow in the sunset. There are still lots of pots with plants in them outside the barn. Wendy does a fantastic job with all these plants. But, in the winter, we have to unload the plants, dump them, and stack all the pots inside the barn. Nothing can be left outside; else they will become rubbish when the plows arrive.

The first signs of snow arrived in early November - just a dusting to remind us that the chairs and table have to be moved off the front patio. .

The second week of November, the lunch bunch from UTRC got together at the Wiburton Inn in Machchester, VT. Fom left to right, it is Frank and Mary Biancardi, Ezzat and Shadia Khalifa, Elliot and Natalie Schulman, and Wendy and me. In front is the owner of the inn - Albert Levis. Albert is the most unusual innkeeper that we have ever met - a native Greek, Yale graduate, former psychiatrist and director of the on-site Museum of the Creative Process. We hope to go back again next May.

November 2017