DNiece Dana and good friend Justina came up in early December to visit and help with the annual the Christmas tree decorating. This has become a tradition and is always a fun way to begin the holiday season.

Jen and Lucy came up after Xmas as did Jim, Kelly and their girls. Doug and the boys skied at Berkshire East in MA until Friday, Dec 30th when they arrived at High Meadow. Jen is very busy expanding her role as a book agent in New York. Fortunately she found that working by the gas stove on the sun porch allowed her to focus on her job..

When John Chester got here he brought with him his latest Lego masterpiece, over 4000 pieces - a machine that separates big blocks from small blocks. The truck dumps the blocks into the bin at the top and then you turn the machine on and the big blocks go in the conveyor belt on the left and the small blocks go to the right. He spent a couple of days after Xmas putting it together. I did the same thing when I was his age - except those were the Erector set days.

The sledding was pretty good on New Year's weekend. Now that the kids are bigger, they head up into the trees above the picnic table and have built some sort of a chute that they use to get the sleds moving. I'm not sure how they avoid the trees. Half the time they get dumped off the sleds - but they can still slide down the hill - as Reid, Sarah and Lucy can attest.

The cousins always seem to have a good time here at High Meadow. Here Katherine, now a freshman at Babson, is showing Reid one of her websites. John seems interested, too. Sarah, the runner, ice skater, basketball player and great cook is getting taller. It is always interesting to hear of their latest accomplishments.

Jim asked Mom what she needed him to do and the answer was to put in a new dishwasher. So they went down to Loew's, picked one up, and then Doug and Jim installed it - all in one afternoon. If it weren't for these handymen, we would have had to hire someone to do this. And the new machine works perfectly and you can hardly hear it running. Nice job, guys!!

December 2016
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