As has been the custom for many years, niece Dana comes up in early December to go with Wendy, pick out a Christmas Tree, and spend part of the day decorating the tree. This year she came up with good friend Justyna with whom Dana is now living in Glastonbury. Dana loves the winter and skis in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. One of her favorite skier friends is grandson Reid, now 12 years old and a ski racer.

Our first significant snowfall took place in the 2nd week of December. Typically the high temperatures are in the twenties and the ski areas have been making snow. Shortly we will be receiving lots of snow and the back woods at the ski areas will all open up.

The day before Xmas we head down to Jim and Kelly's in Boxford, MA. Alan and Barbara Eckbreth come up from Glastonbury and we all enjoy the feasts that Kelly provides. On Xmas day we gather to watch the "kids" open their presents. Among other things, Sarah got a huge Lego set resembling the castle at Disneyworld and an "Alexa", the pint-sized robot who knows everything.

After Xmas day, we, Jim & Family and Doug & Family all head up to High Meadow. One of our favorite dinner spots is the Wentworth Inn in Jackson. Here are, (l to r) Reid, Sarah, John Chester, Lucy, and Katherine - all drinking Shirley Temples before dinner. Once they finished their cocktails, they all headed out to the poolroom until their dinners were served. The Wentworth, now managed by Fritz Koeppel's wife, Ellie, continues to be of the highest standard.

Here we are, after a day of skiing, at the dinner table at High Meadow. In front is niece Dana, who I am sure, had a great time skiing with the kids, and Chef Douglas. I am sure that Doug had a lot of help from Sarah, sitting next to me, who is always in the kitchen. On New Years Day, in addition to this crowd, we had Dana's mother and father, Linda and Wayne now from Sweden, ME., over to celebrate the event.

It was extremely cold on New Years weekend - maybe 0 degrees - but that did not bother the kids. The snow was too deep to sled down the hill (getting back up was a slog), so Sarah decided to build a luge, which started up in the woods and ended up going through the huge snowdrifts right next to the garage. The driveway was ice-covered, so they ended up in the snow piles on the other side. Here are John and Sarah working so hard that they took coats are off. .

December 2017