Early October is leaf-peeping time in the North Country so we had a houseful. Both sons and their families were here. Britt and Mike Schatz and kids also planned to come on Columbus Day weekend, so Wendy arranged for them to stay at the Lodge at Jackson. Here we all are at dinner; Doug took the picture and Grady is behind John Chester, and the other 13 are having a good time.

In preparation for dinner and a birthday celebration, Sarah, age 14, brought out her baking skills and, with assistance from Auntie Jen, prepared a cake for Lucy. Reid is also interested in these skills and is looking intently at Sarah's work. Thankfully, all the kids spent a lot of time outside or at Santa's Village.

So here is Sarah's creation being studied by Lucy, now age 10. And yes, Lucy, all the cookies and assortments, other than the candles, are edible.

As has been our custom, we get together with our former Glastonbury neighbors at the Oxford House in Fryeburg at least once a year. Hal and Joyce Buckingham have a vacation house at Kezar Lake just north of Fryeburg. The Buckinghams made it to the Fryeburg Fair, but we did not. Next year, c'mon up and we all go - it's a great fair!

We try to go for a walk every day, but there always seems to be some issue that we have to deal with - mostly having to do with Wendy's term as president of the Mountain Garden Club. This is late afternoon on our walk behind the Wentworth Hotel where the road lies along the edge of the golf course. Wendy has stopped to take in the magnificent foliage of the trees along the course.

One interesting note - what happened to the lot next to us that was cleared four years ago? The answer, so far, is nothing - as you can see the vegetation is starting to re-grow. The 5-acre lot, owned by the builder, Pleasant North, LLC, has been heavily advertised, but so far -- no takers. They are now re-doing the entrance way at the end of Alpine Drive, so who knows what is in the works?

October 2017