Wendy and I went over to brother Wayne and Linda's house in Sweden, Maine to see what the plan was for all the washouts that occurred last winter. The answer was that Wayne and son David went to an auction at the Fryeburg Fairgrounds and bought a large Kubota. This tractor is much bigger than mine, has a cab, heater and snow-blower so Wayne can stay warm when removing the snow from his long driveway.

Dana (center - Wayne and Linda's daughter) came for a weekend visit with her good friend Justyna, left, with whom Dana is now living in Glastonbury. Dana left Keller Williams Real Estate and is now working for Agnelli Real Estate in G'bury and, as usual, is extremely busy. She has about 4 assistants working for her and is always on her computer or on the phone.

The last weekend of September we drove down to Glastonbury to visit with friends. We drove down to Old Saybrook to say hello to Gladys Hanford, now over 100 years in age. Gladys recognized us and we had a good time. Gladys still gets around in her wheel chair and her children; Steve, Reid and Joan, visit her regularly.

The big event of that weekend was a surprise 60th anniversary party for Frank and Mary Biancardi held at the Mill On The River in South Windsor. It was arranged by their daughter, Carol, now living in Tolland, CT - it was a complete surprise. In addition to their whole family, we had dinner with the Schulman's, Osolin's and Ellie Onasis. We all went over to Steve Biancardi's house in So. Windsor and had a great time. Frank is undergoing chemo treatments, but looked great.

Usually the pictures of the slope in our backyard show the kids sledding in the winter-time, but this is what the King Pines look like in September. The grass has been mowed, but we need to find someone to brush-cut hillside before the weeds get too high.

The President of the Mountain Garden Club has done a superb job with all the flowers that are arranged on our deck, despite a drought that has hit this area in the last couple of months. The rain in the spring was quite good, but the summer has been dry. This shot was taken in late September and there are only a few hints of color. The hundreds of families that come to Jackson to see the Return of the Pumpkin People will look forward to our colorful October season.

September 2017